Welcome to Evergrown Trees

Your premier destination for unique and versatile arboreal delights! We're proud to offer a diverse assortment of young saplings, including Japanese maples, junipers, and a variety of fruit trees. Our collection is always expanding, reflecting the rhythms of the seasons and the unique beauty of each tree. At Evergrown Trees, we cater to both professionals seeking young trees ready to go in the ground, and homeowners looking to enhance their beautiful landscape. Our shrubs create stunning outdoor spaces, while our selection of house plants adds a touch of nature to any indoor space. For the hobbyists out there, we offer new bonsai starters that provide the unique joy of nurturing and sculpting a tree over time. At Evergrown Trees, we care deeply about the well-being of our products. We lovingly raise each sapling with the hope that it will continue to thrive in its new home, bringing beauty, shade, and joy for many years to come. Explore our nursery today and let a tree choose you!